Posted by: Sales Makers | October 29, 2010

The end of the beginning…

Well, I think I’m ready to start blogging professionally (?) the site is more or less set up with the appropriate links and a formula is in my brain for how to use this format for Communication.
Many of you probably don’t know that my degree was in Communication.

First, I’ll be updating only monthly an update on my movements so that possibly we can meet on the road of life…This will be on the first of each month.

Second, I’m going to start posting excerpts of my book: X-selling at Membership Sales!
Yes, you’ve read it right – my book. This is something that I’ve been working on for 31 years, because it’s an accumulation of experiences. No, it’s not an autobiography – it’s a manual for how to….

The first excerpt will be later this year – which is the preface, the history of Sales Makers and a reprint of an article from Club Industry magazine (circa 1987) which launched us into the stratosphere.

Beginning in January I will be creating new content, tips, promotions, links to relevant subjects, videos, guest materials from some other friends in the Industry and possibly the beginning of a Sales Network (not Facebook or Linked In, but rather a ning Network that will be invitation only and NOT a commercial enterprise – but a REAL way for Sales Professionals in the Fitness & Golf Industry to communicate and share.) Who knows, maybe even a live ‘meeting’ monthly via skype or an alternative media to discuss ‘live’ chosen topics.

So, if you’re interested in participating – let me know your movements and your thoughts.

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