Posted by: Sales Makers | October 31, 2010

November’s movements

I will be attending SIBEC – Portugal this year, leaving on Weds (3rd) & coming back (extremely early) on the Saturday (6th). There’s so much going on that I really can’t afford to, but……

Saturday is also an annual tradition of Guy Fawkes fireworks at the Brettenham school (next village) – technically this is the celebration of Mel & I getting together at Club Industry in 1991 – can’t believe it’s almost twenty years.

I will also be attending the first SpaBA conference in Center Parcs, Nottinghamshire on the tenth of November.

Believe it or not but I’ll be in Southend for Marc Almond on the 11th.  No, you’re right – you know me too well. I’ll be in Southend – but it will be Melanie attending the concert – I’m available though for fun and frolic.

Scandinavia beckons in the middle of the month with Tampere, Finland on the 18th & 19th, followed by Vallentuna, Sweden for the continued growth of Gym och Sim. Looks like a pretty major expansion plan in the not too distant future.

At the present time I’m not planning on the Awards Ceremony in York on the 25th, but let me know if you’re going and I may reconsider.

FYI – December brings Kuwait, probably Finland again, possibly Luxembourg and definitely the US for the holidays.

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