Posted by: Sales Makers | November 7, 2011

Speaking Schedule Update – BodyLife, Poland

I’ve just returned from presenting at the first BodyLife Congress- Poland in Warsaw, Poland to a Sold-Out event with over 160 attendees. This is remarkable for a first time event and my hat goes off to the organisers for this result, specifically Magdalena Neilke.

While there, I realised that BodyLife has played a pretty big role in my EU past (who knows maybe the future too). I presented at the First BodyLife event in the UK (before they launched the magazine). I then presented at the First BodyLife World Series and the first BodyLife Congress  in the UK. I presented at the first (and only) BodyLife Congress in Singapore and in conjunction with BodyLife/SAFS in Switzerland. Oh yeah, I also presented in Karlsruhe at the Original BodyLife Congress.

The results in Poland were extremely good – so good; that, I’ll be presenting a Full Day Workshop on the 17th of February 2012 at Fit Style Winter. This event is limited to 125 attendees and is priced about the €50 mark (250zl to be precise) and promises to be something special. There’s a rumour going around that it’s going to be broadcast – live, on the web – globally (limited to 1,200 clubs) for the same price!

Very realistically priced Sponsorships are available (€500, limited to 8) and IF that rumour is correct – WOW, what a deal!

But, for your information – my speaking schedule for the immediate future looks like this:

Birmingham, UK – Dec 6 with Adrian Marks of Enjoy! at their annual Marketing Summit

Kuwait City, Kuwait – 14 Dec with the 4th (and last) IHRSA Mini Conference in Kuwait; with Adrian Marks, Lexie Griffiths, Fred Hoffman, Pete Cohen and Dr Mark Slavin.

Bologna, Italy – 2BConfirmed         Il Nuovo Forum

Kielce, Poland – 17 February       Full Day Sales Makers Workshop at Fit Style Winter

LA, USA      IHRSA – I’m not presenting, at present!

As for work, I’m all over the place (Finland x2, Sweden, UK, Norway, Kuwait, USA) I may have a few dates near you if you’d like to get some training or advice.

Finally, we’re going to be integrating some innovative NEW technology into Actually, not that new – my partner (The Metrick System) has hired a programmer from Facebook and we’re going to be using something new and adding Facebook integration into join online (basically, going completely viral in our prospecting approach) testing will begin with the new year with results announced at IHRSA.

SO, that’s my update for now. I have completed the project at Quindell Portfolio in Hampshire that’s taken up ALL of this year and thus, I’m coming back with a vengeance on the Projects that got sidelined.

Expect a lot in the coming months.       See you somewhere down the road!

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