Posted by: Sales Makers | June 7, 2012

New Sales Makers International Website coming in July.

I’ve been using iWeb for producing and MobileMe for hosting my websites for Sales Makers International and also one of my other businesses –

Unfortunately, for those of you in the MAC world (I don’t mean my client MAC in Istanbul – I mean, Apple Mac) know that MobileMe dies on the 30th of June 2012 (RIP).

So, it’s time for a change…

Thus, my new website will launch officially on the 4th of July – seems appropriate.

I’ve also been extremely quiet on the blogging world this year. Simply because I’ve been insanely busy. We’ve opened two new sites in Finland and also started working with another Club in Finland (of course ALL in the dead of Winter.) AND opened another new site in Istanbul and JUST started on the next one.

I’ve decided – enough is enough and since I really don’t want to be travelling while the Olympics are in town – I’m taking July OFF and focussing on Sales Makers, my book, my website, my blog and myself!

That of course means checking out the Boss (another Jersey boy) at Hard Rock 2012.

So, until July – keep on / keeping on!!!

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