Posted by: Sales Makers | June 17, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales – release date 19th of September! Celebrating 35 Years in the Fitness Industry…

It’s very strange for me to revisit my Blog and realise that it’s been almost a year and to find out how many followers I now have…

A lot has happened in that year – so, it’s update time.

First, I’ve been a bit busy – clients in Turkey, new clients in Italy, a few Roadshows, Rimini convention & BodyLife UKFC, maintaining solid growth in 2012 with my clients in Finland and Sweden and beginning new projects with old clients – building new clubs in 2013/14… and to top  off the year – I’ll be spending the 4th of July in Prague.

Finally, I’m trying desperately to finish my book – X-Selling at Membership Sales, this summer! I’m planning on adding video tips to the eBook version and hoping to accomplish this by September. Also, this year on the 19th of September I celebrate 35 years in the Industry.

So, to celebrate this momentous event (at least in my life) I will be releasing one page a day for 35 days of X-Selling – beginning on the 19th of September (no matter what state the book is in!)

Back to the present – I’m almost fully booked for the rest of this year. I am working in Finland, Sweden, Italy, (still living in UK) – so, if you would like some input to your sales, marketing and Internet sales/marketing (in those countries) – I might still be able to accommodate. Otherwise, I won’t be able to fit in any other countries until next year.

I’ll be conducting two Sales Makers workshops the first weekend in September (7th & 8th) in Bologna, Italy and participating in the Fifth Middle East RoadShow in Kuwait the first week in December. I’ll be attending the EUropean Fitness Summit in Barcelona (18th-20th September), LIW (Birmingham, UK) on the second day (Weds – 25th of September), the IHRSA EUropean Congress (Madrid, Spain) from the 17th – 19th of October…so, be on the look out for me!

You should see a bit more action on this Sales Makers International Blog – so, be in touch… if anything strikes a chord.

For many years we (Ray, Eddie and I) had a Sales Makers Retreat for Owners, Sales Managers, Sales people, etc. at Sanibel Island, Florida in May. When I moved to the UK in the early 90’s it kinda dropped off…so…

I’ll end with one question?

I’m seriously considering having a Sales Makers Reunion in Florida in May (16th – 18th) 2014 – the choices are Sundial Beach and Tennis Resort at Sanibel Island or Fort Lauderdale, Florida (where it all began in 1979.)

So, the question is – would you like to attend and where???

By the way, the price for ex-Sales Makers clients is ZERO.

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