Posted by: Sales Makers | October 4, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, page 6

We worked with numerous Clubs throughout the country and attended numerous conventions.  One of the conventions that we were planning on attending was the first Club Industry convention in Chicago.  The week before the convention, Howard Ravis (the co-ordinator of the speakers for the show) called me and asked if we would be willing to fill in for a speaker (Charlie Swayne) who had decided that he had too many seminars.  The topic was perfect for us – Selling memberships at your club.  I hemmed and hawed and he agreed to pay our airfare, a free attendance package and us $100 each for the show (and we were planning on going anyway.)  We accepted.  We were the highest rated speakers at the convention.

The next year, we attended and spoke at the convention and we were asked if we would agree to be interviewed.  We met with the writer and the article was published the month before the national IHRSA convention in Dallas.  I thought it was going to be a short blurb.  The article that follows is reprinted (with the permission of Club Industry.)

This article took us through the roof – Sales Makers was established as one of the leaders in the Industry.

In 1989 we accepted our first two International clients and Sales Makers International was created.  In 1994, we spoke at the first Bodylife conference in the UK.  There were sixty attendees.  At the beginning of the weekend I asked the attendees how many had salespeople – four hands went up (they were already clients.)  At the end of the weekend, I asked; ‘How many of you plan to introduce salespeople?’  It was unanimous.

That night, Ray and I dissolved our partnership – he kept North America and is still trading as Sales Makers.  I got the rest of the world and I’m still trading as Sales Makers International.  Eddie has moved on to the Rex Roundtable organization. The X-selling system was developed, by me – incorporating what I had learned with Inner Secret and Sales Makers and with the help of numerous friends and colleagues in the Industry who are named; when appropriate.

I’d like to thank Ray Gordon, Ed Tock (my old partners) and Melanie Rieger (my life partner) who have been instrumental in getting me to go International.

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