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X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter 1, BasiX, page 8

Chapter I



I believe that there are three Xssential policies that are integral to the success of a club.

They are:

Every Facility should have a dedicated Member Services Department,

with Membership Advisors.

 Every Facility should offer an unconditional Money Back Guarantee,

with a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee Certificate.

 Every Facility should have a Transferable Membership,

with an Enrolment Certificate.

Member Services Department

You have reception staff to greet your guests and member.

You have aerobics staff to teach your classes.

You have fitness staff to instruct your members in the proper utilization of your equipment.  You even have staff to clean up.

So if you don’t have staff dedicated solely to the sales and retention of your membership, the obvious question is WHY?

What percentage of your income is derived from members? Normally, 98% +

It just makes good business sense to employ staff whose sole job is to sell.

(For those of you reading this and thinking – That’s so obvious!

Well, when I started, in 1979; 98% of the clubs in America – didn’t have sales staff.

We’ve trained literally thousands of people in the art of X-selling.’

When I first came to Europe in 1989 – the same was true, 98% didn’t have sales people.

In fact, I’m currently working in Finland, where; of course, I had to hire and train sales people – and if you think training sales people with a Communist background is easy….)

When I first started in the business, it was so successful that the phrase ‘order takers’ comes to mind.  But, we were called salespeople.

Now the normal connotation of sales people in America (and basically all over the world) is that a sales person is going to ‘hard pressure’ you and connotes a negative impression.

I wanted something different on my business card – so we called ourselves Membership Directors.  I know it sound like we’re the bosses – that’s exactly the impression I wanted to create.

Everybody wants to deal with the boss.

When I started working in the UK, the title of a CEO is called a Managing Director.

So, the term was changed to Membership Advisor.

That is what a salesperson will be termed, an MA.

I’d like to tell you a story. 

Henry Ford, when he inspected the first dealership, looked up at the blue Ford oval on the sign outside of the dealership that read FORD – Sales and Service, and supposedly told his Manager. 

‘I want you to change that sign to read FORD Service and Sales.’ 

‘Why?’ asked the Manager. 

‘Because if we take care of the customers through exceptional service, they’ll tell their friends and they’ll buy another car from us’, he replied.

That is why we call our sales team – the Member Services Department.

 (You’ll read later how we utilize our Membership Advisors –not only to sell, but to also retain members.)

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