Posted by: Sales Makers | October 7, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, BasiX, page 9


The first time I used the Money Back Guarantee was in my first pre-sale in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Basically, we spent a fortune advertising the launch of the pre-sale and although we got a lot of interest there was very little actual sales.

Upon research with the MA’s and some of the enquiring prospects – I realised that the objection of ‘I don’t want to join without seeing the actual club’ was an objection that I couldn’t overcome without actually having a club to show them.

The law in the US is that a consumer can change their mind within three days without any recourse to the merchant.

So, to be better than the law – I decided that the way forward was to extend their money back clause by an extra week.

Thus, the 10-Day Money Back Guarantee was born.  It worked a charm.

Since it worked so well, we have used this tool for every club that we have worked with ever since.

 The Peacock Theory:  A peacock that sits on its tail feathers is just another turkey!

It’s not good enough to have the Guarantee in your agreement.

It needs to be something extra special, spread your tail feathers!

Thus, the Money Back Guarantee Certificate was created.

Simply print a small certificate in the same format as the Enrolment Certificate.

Now, when you’re giving your price presentation – USE IT!

‘So, Mr Bloggs, one thing that we offer here at XYZ club is an unconditional Money Back Guarantee. 

If you’re not happy with your decision to join us within the first ten days of your membership – we’ll refund your money in it’s entirety.’

Do not wait until the customer objects – use the certificate before the objection- otherwise you’re a salesperson.

You might think that if ten days is good, then 14 days or a month is even better – it’s too much.

I’ve tried it and I recommend ten days.

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