Posted by: Sales Makers | October 9, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 12


Every Incoming Caller must give their name and phone number to reception.

This is the newest of the Proven Profit Procedures and is not necessarily the most important, simply the normal first step for converting a Prospect into a member.

The reason for this is twofold.

One of the keys to the success of the X-sell system is follow-up.

How can you follow-up on someone if you don’t have the details?

Unfortunately the second reason is that you can’t always trust your MA’s to do this for you.

So, the first point of contact is normally your Control Desk (Reception.)  I suggest that all incoming calls about Membership be taken at this point.

‘Thank you for calling XYZ Club, my name is Joe Bloggs – how can I help?

I’d like to get some information about membership – how much does it cost?’

‘May I have your name please’?

Doug Miller

‘May I have the number you’re calling from?’

1.         ‘555 1212’

2.         ‘What do you need that for?’

‘All of our Membership Advisors are with someone now and they’ll need to return your call – May I have the number you’re calling from?’

(Another good excuse to get their phone number is to say; ‘It is the club’s policy to incur the cost of all enquiries to the Club – so let us call you back at our expense.’)

‘Look, all I want is to know the price – how much does it cost.’

‘We have Membership Advisors who have all the details about the different options available and any special offers that we have on, so they’ll need to return your call – May I have the number you’re calling from and the best time to return your call?’

‘555 1212, about 2pm’

‘Thank you – someone will call you around 2pm.‘

Only rarely will you get someone who will object at this point – if they do – try to put them through immediately to a trained MA – who will give the information and try to schedule an appointment.  Unfortunately the 97/3 rule applies here.

The 97 / 3 Rule

97% of your problems come from 3% of your members.  This person will probably be one of the 3%.  So who needs any more of them?

This information is logged on a Telephone Enquiry Control Log and the information is immediately given to an MA who logs the information on their Daily Worksheet.

NOTE: A copy of the Telephone Enquiry Log is at the TI link below…


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