Posted by: Sales Makers | October 11, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 13


Every Club must have a restricted Guest Policy.

Let’s define a Club…(Webster’s’ def.)          club (klub)  n.  [< ON. klumba, mass]

a)       a group of people associated for a common purpose

b)       its meeting place

– vi      to unite for a common purpose

Let’s define a member…                                   member (mem’ber) n.  [< L. membrum]

any of the persons constituting an organization or group

Let’s define a membership…                         membership (mem’ber ship’) n.

a)         the state of being a member

b)       all the members of a group or organization

c)         the number of members

Let’s define a Prospect…                       prospect  (pras’pekt)  n. [< L. pro- forward + specere, look]

Anyone who is not already a member…


If you allow a non member to use your club on an unrestricted basis,  you don’t have a club.

It’s for the privilege of using the club that the members pay their dues.

The recommended restricted guest policy should be:

A non-member who lives within thirty miles of the club may use the club one time every thirty days.

Why would someone join when they can use it whenever they want?

With no commitment?

In the early days it was thought that to encourage people to use your club you should have a nominal guest fee.  All that does today is encourage someone not to join.

The same thing with an enrolment fee.  It has created a barrier.

Very simply, to encourage someone to join your club or centre the formula should be that the guest fee should equal approximately 1/4th of your monthly dues.

Now I realize that a Leisure Centre is dictated to by the Council, which is why so many Leisure Centres are struggling with small gyms that are overcrowded.

The only people that are joining are the high users.

If you are going to introduce this policy to your club, I suggest that you give your members approximately six weeks notice about the change and offer them some free passes for their local friends.

The normal policy about guest passes is that a member may request one (in advance) for a local friend to introduce them to the club.  Should a member walk-in with a guest they would be required to pay the guest fee (which would be applied to the joining fee if the prospect joins within three days.)

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