Posted by: Sales Makers | October 14, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 15


Every guest must be sent a handwritten thank you note the day they are greeted.


Remember the X-selling motto: 

I will NOT settle for you being polite, it’s not good enough…

I’ll settle only for Aggressive Hospitality.

The X-selling system is like a set of dominoes set on end – you need to place all of the dominoes in a row, so that the action caused by one domino falling will cause the next domino to fall.

The action caused by No 3

Every guest is required to sign in, gives you their details so that you have their address.

Every guest must be greeted and approved  – ensures that the details are accurate and that the guest (prospect) has met you and will recognize you.

The action caused by No. 4

Every guest must be sent a handwritten thank you note the day they are greeted.

Will set you up for PPP No 5, etc.

All of our Membership Advisors are required to send out a hand written Thank You Note – on the day.  This note is brief and to the point.

’It was nice meeting you; I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Club.  If there’s anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to call. Love and kisses  (just kidding.)’

DO NOT utilize form letters; they’re much too impersonal.  If you can insert something specific you may have learned about the Prospect, by all means, use it – instead of I hope you enjoyed your visit – USE I hope you enjoyed your aerobics class, squash game, whatever…

I will normally utilize postcards, in lieu of a letter or note.  When I use a note it’s always the size of an invitation – with no return address on the envelope.  The prospect thinks that they’re being invited to a party and are more inclined to open the note.

Now when I first started working in Britain, I was told you couldn’t do this to a Brit. – they won’t respond.  Well they were wrong, I’ve gotten thank you notes for sending thank you notes, and they’ve rung me to thank me before I even followed up on the prospect. They said the same thing in Sweden, Norway, Finland and I’m sure you’re thinking it too.

Also, I try to interject some humor into the card.  I normally will use some type of cartoon about working out on the cover – with the word THANKS… and continuing …FOR INCLUDING US IN YOUR LIFESTYLE inside.

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