Posted by: Sales Makers | October 17, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 16


Every guest must be given a Thank You Call within seventy-two hours.

If you’ve done all of the previous Procedures. Signed the prospect in on a guest waiver, greeted and approved the prospect, sent them a thank you note, the next domino is the Thank You Call.

This Call should be made within three days of the Thank You Note being sent.  You can simply set up a card file system that allows you to arrange for the Call to be made in three days.  It is imperative that the Thank You Note be sent promptly, since they may very well ring you before your scheduled call – to thank you for the thank you note.

When I first started working in Sweden, I was told: ‘You can’t call a Swede, like that, it’s simply not on!’  BIG WRONG – that’s exactly why it works – it’s so unusual, they love it

This call is NOT a sales call.  You acknowledge their existence and thank them.  I would make the call like this: (Although I do not use scripts!)

‘Hi, this is Doug, from the GYM – we met a few days ago when you used the club.  I just wanted to give you a quick call and say thanks for popping in and to let you know that if you have any further questions about the club in the future – please feel free to call on me.  While I have you on the phone – do you have any questions?’

Don’t ask them if they want to join or if they’ve thought about joining or if they’ve made their mind up, whatever.

You want to go in through the back door – you’ll get in the house, but not through the normal fashion.

If they’ve got any questions, they’ll ask – if not – thank them and hang up the phone.  Then schedule a follow-up sales call for ten days from the date that you’ve contacted them.

IMPORTANT:  Do not leave messages on answer phones.  Hang up.  You can ring forty times, if you don’t leave a message – they don’t know you’ve rung.  Thus, when you actually reach them it’s the first time.  IF you’ve left messages, you’re a pest and they’ll be reluctant to take your call and certainly not call you back.  Remember to use the phone number blocking programme – otherwise they can use 1471 to see who called.

The Thank You Call is an important tool in the sales of memberships.  Remember, there actually are B Backs (people who say they’ll be back) only if you allow and encourage them to come back.  We do not utilise first time incentives – we do occasionally utilise three-day incentives and by keeping to the three-day call you can check on their intent, without pressurising them.

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