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X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 17


Every Guest is logged into the Guest Control Log, on the day.

This is the singular most important form in the X-sell system.

You can expect more… When you inspect more is the modus operendae.

A Guest Control Log is kept at the Control Desk and is completed initially by the Reception staff.  They log the date, time (if necessary,) name of MA who greeted the guest, the name of the guest, their source, phone number and that’s it.  The person who writes this information is either your opener or closer (let’s face it – they’re not all that busy.)  A normal club will only get a maximum of ten guests a day anyway.

The Guest Control Log is then collated daily with the information on the Daily Worksheet.

The Manager then writes in whether the guest was greeted (then) by the MA, presented (price presentation) by the MA, whether they joined or not and the A, E & O.

If the Prospect enrolled –       highlight the entry Green (for money) – to indicate sold.

If the Prospect didn’t enrol –  highlight the entry yellow.

If the Prospect said NO –       highlight the entry re (for dead)

When a guest has not been greeted by anyone – the Manager will assign the guest to an MA for follow up and write his or her initials in the box, they will not highlight it at all – meaning it wasn’t checked. (and circle it – denoting that it was assigned.)

Weekly, the manager will meet with the MA and review the yellows – which will turn eventually to red or green.

This ensures that all guests will eventually join or die (red is dead.)  Once someone is in the X-sell system they don’t get out.

The record is 18 months.  Rosie of the Atlantic Club in New Jersey holds the record for follow-up.  She followed up on a guest for eighteen months.  The only way we know this is that the member (when they joined) wrote a letter to the owner complimenting her on the persistence of Rosie – once they had joined they loved it and wanted the owner to know that if not for Rosie – he would not have joined.

Occasionally you’ll get some resistance from your reception staff to do this job.  The easiest way to overcome this is with bribery.  I normally will reward the reception staff with 50p for each guest who completes the guest waiver and who is logged on the Guest Control Log.  They can’t go back and write the names – they must be on the form when I review it daily – if it isn’t – no money!

Let’s think about it – how much money does it cost to generate a lead and how much more to sell them.  If you do get 300 guests a month (which would cost you £150 – Do you think you’ll sell 1 more membership because you’ve got complete and accurate information on every prospect to your club?

NOTE: If you would like a copy of the form – please email me at

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