Posted by: Sales Makers | October 20, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 19


Every New member must be given a Thank You Call within seventy-two hours.

The next domino is the Members’ – Thank You Call.

This Call should be made within three days of the Thank You Note being sent.  You simply set up a card file system that allows you to arrange for the Call to be made in three days.  It is imperative that the Thank You Note be sent promptly, since they may very well ring you before your scheduled call – to thank you for the thank you note.

‘Hi, this is Doug, from the GYM – You joined a few days ago.  I just wanted to give you a quick call and say thanks for joining us and to remind you that if you have any further questions about the club in the future – please feel free to call on me.  While I have you on the phone – do you have any questions?’

If they’ve got any questions, they’ll ask – if not – thank them and hang up the phone.  Then schedule a Promote A Call for ten days from the date that you’ve contacted them.  Why is it called a Promote A Call?  Funny you should ask.  In a previous life I used to promote concerts.  I guess that was my way of staying a promoter.  Actually, the call is used to promote an activity in the club – this causes retention.

This call is approximately 13 days after they’ve joined.  If you’ve done your job right – what would you talk about in this call?  You should have given them three guest passes that should expire when? Tomorrow, right.  Besides talking about something coming up at the club (activity) you can also mention that the guest passes you gave them are about to expire and would they like any additional passes.  Use this opportunity to generate more sales – to X-sell.

Your next call should be again in approximately ten days.  This allows you the opportunity to answer any questions, generate referrals and to ensure that if they have any prospects in the future – they’ll come to you.

Now your calls should come monthly – to promote new activities and to generate new referrals.

The average club should have one MA for every 500 members – which is about the most PAC’s that an MA can handle in addition to the normal workload.  Now, as an Owner / Operator you’ll be asking: ‘How can I afford this?’  How can you afford not to?  One of the biggest problems that confronts an owner is generating a great bottom line. Everything is going up, cost of premises, staff costs, costs of equipment, everything except dues.  By following this advice you’ll see your retention increase to 65% (minimum) and a bottom line you can be proud of. The only downside – you’ll pay more taxes!

Especially in a recession – sales are not the hard part, keeping them is the problem.  If you invest in people – you’ll get the best return.  How much does it cost you to sell a new member?  How much does it cost to keep them?

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