Posted by: Sales Makers | October 22, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 20


Every member is given a Promote-A-Call, every month.

I’d like you to do something.

Fold your hands – which thumb is on top?

Take your hands apart

Fold your hands again – which thumb is on top?

It’s the same thumb – right?

Now fold your hands so that it’s the opposite thumb

How does that feel? Awkward – isn’t it?

That’s exactly how a new member feels when they join your Club.

You fold your hands the same way – because that is your habit.  The reason that a New Member feels this way is because they have a non-exercise habit.  Research has proven that a habit can be made or broken in as short a time as three weeks.

So during the first month of membership I want you to call the New Member approximately ten days after you have given them the Thank You Call.  I want you to help them break their non-exercise habit.

X-sell Ant tip:  Hopefully you gave the New Member some Guest passes when they joined.  You should always put an expiry date on the Guest pass – approximately two weeks from when you issue it.  So, since you’ve called them in three days and then again in another ten days, that equals 13 days.  What might you talk about when you are making your first Promote-A-Call? – This is covered in the next Proven Profit Procedure.

This is called a Promote-A-Call.  I don’t remember exactly how I came up with this name.  I think it’s because I used to be a Promoter (concerts) and I wanted to hold onto my past.  But basically the concept is not a Motivational call.  Most MA’s don’t exactly know what to say to motivate someone – they feel a bit awkward.

This call is to Promote something within the Club – a new class, an event, a referral gift, anything – this is to remind them about the Club and to encourage them to use the Club.  It can even be a guilt thing.  ‘But you told me you were going to be using the Club twice a week – come on now, when are you going to come in next?  Don’t forget to stop by and say hello.’

I want each MA to have a file-box with dividers (1-31.)  This is where you keep all of the things you need to do.  (In the States this is called a tickler file. No, I don’t know where that name came from.)

You then file their card in your 1-31 file.  I want you to also incorporate the letters A – Z into this file.  (The easiest way is to just write the letters on your 1-31 dividers.)  So, if you need to call someone on the tenth of the month – you file their card accordingly.  Once you’ve made you first two calls, (Thank You Call and their first Promote-A-Call) file their card alphabetically.  You will then call all of the Members whose last name begins with the letter A, on the first day of the month.  B’s on the second – etc.

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