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X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 21


Every Membership Advisor must complete a Daily Worksheet – daily.

You can expect more – when you inspect more!

                                                            Doug Miller

One of the other reasons for the success of the X-sell system is that I am a control freak.  We have Control Logs for Telephone Enquiries, Guest Control, Corporate and for the Transactions.  All of these Logs serve as an audit trail for all activities related to the sales of memberships and will provide a Manager will the statistics necessary to monitor the success of campaigns and their Membership Advisors.  The basic idea is to catch someone doing something right and thus ‘Pavlov’s Dog’, encouraging the right way to do something.

The Daily Worksheet provides the details on the:

Telephone Enquiries and their             Conversion ratio         expected 75%

Number of Appointments and their   Show ratio                   expected 50%

Percentage of                                         Sales ratio                    expected 50%

Number of                                              Guests                          varies

And their                                                 Greeting ratio              expected 80%

Percentage of                                        Presentation ratio        varies

Percentage of                                        Sales ratio                     expected 35%

Number of                                             Outreach Contacts      expected minimum of 5

Number of                                             Phone Calls                 expected minimum of 30

Number of                                             Sales                            varies

Number of                                             Units                           commission

Now, I remember when I first started selling and I hated completing this thing – However; once I realised that it was keeping me organised and making me more money I got used to it.

The Daily Worksheet is to be turned in at the end of the day and should be collated with the other Control Logs by the Manager prior to the fifteen minute meeting with the Manager, scheduled daily.  The Worksheet is then returned to the MA with the appropriate notations.  You will then have all of your statistics and can help the MA get better by reviewing the notations with them in the meeting.

Quite a few clubs are now using Computers and software such as ACT (a programme I’ve used for years or the SDA Sales Manager [based on ACT.])  What I’ve obviously described is a manual system.  In the beginning (1980’s) computers really didn’t exist for this purpose, so we would use this and the Scan Card System® – which meant that the MA’s really got organised.

If you’re not currently using anything then I would probably recommend go one or the other immediately – DON’T first go to one and then the other – it’ll just annoy and frustrate your MA’s.

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