Posted by: Sales Makers | October 25, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 22


Every Membership Advisor must complete thirty telephone calls, daily.

Whenever I interview a potential membership Advisor for a club – I’ll try to describe what a typical day is like:

10% paperwork

30% phone work

15% corporate outreach

10% selling

15% talking to existing members

20% mental

We believe that retention begins the day the member joins.

And who better to retain the member than the person who sold them.

The phone is the most important tool in the X-sell system.  Don’t ever use it without all three parts – the handset, paper and a pen.

The MA is encouraged to make a minimum of thirty calls a day.

From this they should be successful in generating 3 appointments and 1- sale.

The calls are to:        Guests from three days before

Members who joined three days before

Members who are receiving their first Promote A Call

Members who are receiving their monthly Promote A Calls

Referrals generated from members

Follow up calls to guest who didn’t join

Follow up calls to corporates

Any combination will do.  All calls are logged on their daily worksheets and should be inspected by the manager, at random.

An obvious question is: ‘If I make more than thirty calls will I get more appointments and sales?’  The answer is: ‘YES’

I wrote earlier about Sheri Hefler and how she consistently was the top sales person, even though she only worked part-time.

(By the way, I DO NOT recommend part-time MA’s.)

The only reason was that, Sheri walked in at 6pm – got a cup of coffee and sat down at her desk – she got out all of her previous worksheets and proceeded to call every yellow – she didn’t stop except for the occasional cup of coffee, to talk to a member (she always got a referral) and to sell.  On average she would make 40 – 50 calls a night (between 6p – 10pm and she never called after 9pm.)

She’d talk to members in the club after 9, and the staff, and do her paperwork.

How much time does 30 calls take- 5 minutes each – that’s 150 minutes.

No answers take about 10 seconds each.

(I repeat – don’t leave messages on answer phones.)

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