Posted by: Sales Makers | October 26, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 23


Every Membership Advisor is scheduled for one hour of Outreach, daily.

Let me introduce you to a new law of Physics – A door swings both ways.

If they’re (prospects) not coming in to see you, then you go Out to see them.

Let’s face it, what are your sales people doing between 2pm and 4.30pm?

You’ve got it – killing time until it gets busy again.

What we do with our Membership Advisors is to teach each of them how to generate Corporate Sales.  There are other consultants that recommend you hire full time Corporate sales people – let’s face it – if you’re an average club, you’re lucky to have full time sales people let alone dedicated Corporate sales people.

With that in mind; we organize, assign and schedule Outreach (getting out of the Club.)  First you get a local street map and divide it into quadrants.  You then assign a quadrant to a Membership Advisor and schedule (daily) their hour to be out of the Club.

NO – they don’t get money for petrol

NO – they can’t do it on their way to or from work

NO – they can’t combine it with their lunch hour

NO they don’t do it with someone

First, let me give you a language lesson.

NO SOLICITING is actually Armenian for WELCOME.

They then select one street and begin there (which is why they don’t get petrol money – they’re not driving all around town, just to one location / you may however give them money for parking,) distributing information to ALL of the businesses on the street.

This information is normally either: flyers, postcards or One week TRY ALLs.

You simply go in and ask the receptionist if you can leave a sample for each of their employees – how many are there? (Count them out specifically, one by one.)

While you’re counting, ask them their name.

Ask them if they’ve been to your Club – offer them a pass.

Ask for the name of the decision maker, if you get interest in a Corporate Account.

Ask for a business card or compliments slip to write down the details.

Thank them and go on to the next business.

You only need to spend one hour a day contacting 5 – 10 businesses, leaving 20+ flyers to reach a quite a few people; daily, weekly, monthly, annually – it adds up quickly, especially if you’ve got more than one person doing it.  This utilization of your existing staff is far more effective than one dedicated Corporate Sales person and who’s better to sell your memberships, than the person already selling your memberships.  The rule of thumb is that you’ll sell one membership for every hour of Outreach.  You’ll also normally receive calls before you return to the Club.

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