Posted by: Sales Makers | October 27, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter II, Proven Profit Procedures, page 24


Every Membership Advisor reviews the Telephone Enquiry, Guest Control Log and Daily Worksheet; with the Manager – daily, to create the Manager’s Report.

It is extremely important that you schedule a fifteen-minute meeting with the MA and the Manager daily – excepting weekends.  Once a week this meeting should be one hour in length to determine the status of prospects that hopefully will have been converted to members.

The Telephone Enquiry Log is kept at the Control Desk, as well as the Guest Control Log and the Appointment Diary.  You also should have a Transaction Log and Corporate Control Log in the Managers office or wherever you have the MA’s put their Daily Worksheets at the end of the day.

The Manager simply ensures that all information on the Logs matches the information on the MA’s Worksheet.  If it doesn’t, mark the information on the Daily Worksheet in red ink.  (This seriously upsets the MA because it reminds them of school when the teacher used to write their mistakes in red ink on their test papers and actually encourage them to do things right so they don’t get any more red marks on their forms.)

You should also review the Guest Control Log and ask them the details about the prospect:

The      A (Aims) and the

E (Exercise History) and the

O (objection – why didn’t they join?

When the guest has joined      – highlight the log in green      (money.)

If they didn’t                          – highlight the log in yellow    (pending)

When they say NO                 – highlight the log in red          (dead)

Weekly you should review the yellows with the MA’s and the colour should change to either red or green.  To review the yellows – ask the MA to go through their file boxes and Scan Card workbooks and to give you the numbers on the waivers and you go to the appropriate number in the control log.

You also should ask to see their Scan Cards to ensure that they are writing all of the pertinent information on the back of their card.

The Manager’s Report is the compilation of all of this information onto either a manual form or into an X-sell worksheet.

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