Posted by: Sales Makers | October 29, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter III, Philosophy, page 26

Let me tell you a story…

There was a Country Sheriff in the suburbs of Atlanta, sitting on his motorcycle behind the billboard of the Marlboro man.  It’s a beautiful day; blue skies, white billowy clouds, the scent of blooming Dogwoods and azaleas’ in the air, Spanish moss hanging from the trees along side the road and he’s waiting, with his radar gun, to catch speeders.

Around the bend in the road comes a red stake bodied farm truck and in the back of the truck are forty-two penguins.

Now this Sheriff had never seen such a sight and even though the truck isn’t really going over the speed limit – the Sheriff decides he’s going to pull this truck over and issue a warning.

So he turns on the siren and it’s wailing, he turns on the lights and they’re flashing and he roars off down the road and pulls over the truck.

“Waal boy, what do ya’ll think yer doin with these penguins?”

“Well, officer, it’s a beautiful day – so I thought I’d take them out for ride.”

“Boy, you take them penguins to the zoo, where they belong and you keep yer speed down too – you hear me boy. 

“Yes sir.”

And the driver goes slowly into the horizon.

It’s now the next day and it’s exactly the same – blues skies, white billowy clouds, a beautiful spring day in the South.

Around the bend in the road comes the same red farm truck with forty-two penguins – each one of them wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Now this Sheriff is beside himself.  So he jumps on the motorbike, the lights are flashing, the sirens wailing and he roars off on his Harley and pulls the truck over.

“Boy, I thought I tole you to take them penguins to the zoo.”

“I did Officer, we had a great day and today we’re going to the beach.”

Let me ask you a question – Have you ever seen penguins wearing sunglasses?

Could you see those penguins in your minds eye?

That’s synesthetic – I used mind pictures so that you could visualise the scene – the billboard of the Marlboro man, (sense of sight) the Harley sound,  (sense of sound) Ray bans, dogwoods and azaleas (sense of smell) all things that either you are familiar with or things that you’ve seen or heard.  Use descriptive words that evoke mental images in your tour, in your presentation and you’ll X-sell at membership sales.

(I first heard Jim Smith of Club Success tell the above story and it’s repeated with his permission.)

Another thing that you are selling is the social side of Club membership.


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