Posted by: Sales Makers | October 31, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter III, Philosophy, page 28

The MAs are trained to explain to Prospects that our Club is a bit different, Philosophically and that we are only selling a limited number of memberships and that when we have achieved that number that we would close the membership and new members would go onto a waiting list.  Most people want what they can’t get and the Prospects like the idea that the Club is not going to be overcrowded.  The basic premise here is a Country Club – Health Club.

Does your Club have a Mission Statement?

I didn’t think so, most Clubs don’t.  Below is a reproduction of a Mission Statement from a Club that we worked with in the US – I’ve modified it a bit and the Clubs have since been sold and they now have a new mission statement, so I don’t think reproduction is a problem.  This is simply to show you how you can come up with your own.  It’s no good if you’ve got this Mission Statement if nobody knows about it.  It should be part of your employee induction materials and I also recommend that you display it prominently in the Club.  One thing I’ve always wanted to do is engrave this in granite and have it at the front door of the Club (like ASDA – the supermarket chain does in the UK.)


We are committed to the well being of our members. 

At every level of our organization we do what is necessary

to ensure that our members meet their individual fitness goals.


We are passionate in caring for our members and the business that we are in. 

We honestly care about what our members have to say,

and we say ‘yes ‘ when we can.

Our members concerns are our concerns. 

We take pride in serving them in a timely,

 accommodating, competent and consistent manner.


We believe in keeping the Club clean,

Well maintained, safe and attractive at all times.

We know that doing all the little things right show members that we really care.


We operate at all times as a team. 

We have compassion for each other

 and work to create a positive Club experience for everyone




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