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X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter IV, JOBligation, page 30

Chapter IV




Reports to: Membership Director, Owners & Managing Director

Position purpose:

An MA’s Jobligation is to provide information and guidance to prospective members regarding club facilities, programmes, membership procedures and prices.  They also encourage retention through the promote-a-calls made on a regular basis to members.

Duties and responsibilities:

                                                A Membership Advisor…

Provides information to prospective members in person or over the phone regarding club facilities and programmes, converting telephone enquiries into appointments to tour the club.  Greets all guest of members who visit the club and approves the guest waivers.  Effectively demonstrates equipment and facilities while conducting the tour.

Solicits prospective members both inside and outside the club by distributing guest passes, asking for guest referrals through the member nomination program and outreach.

Records prospect information on the scan-cards and files the scan cards in either their workbook, a – z file box or 1 – 31 file box.

Sends a thank you note to all prospective members on the day of their visit.

Sends a thank you note to all new members on the day of their enrolment.

Calls all guests that they have approved or been given the scan card by the Marketing Director within three days and thanks them for visiting the club.

Then files their scan-card in the 1 – 31 file box for future follow-up.

All calls are noted on the daily worksheet.

Calls all members within three days of their enrolment and thanks them, and enquires as to whether the member has any problems or questions that the membership advisor can solve or answer.


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