Posted by: Sales Makers | November 3, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter IV, JOBligation, page 31

They then file the scan-card within the 1 – 31 file box (10 days from telephone contact) for a future promote-a-call.

After a new member has been contacted two times during the first month of membership the membership advisor files their scan-card within the a – z file box alphabetically.

All members are then called once a month. (You take out all of the a’s on the first day of the month, b’s on the second, etc.)  and put the scan-cards in the appropriate section of the scan-card workbook for monthly promote-a-calls.

After the monthly contact has been made the scan-card is re-filed in the a – z file box, until the next month.

Upgrades existing memberships to memberships of greater value, by adding family members, increasing the membership from off-peak to full membership.

Accurately completes all necessary paperwork

Which includes: membership application, enrolment certificate, money back           guarantee, member survey, member nomination form, and telephone inquiry        s.a.l.e.s. card, guest waivers, appointment log, corporate control log, daily worksheet and transmittal.

Will hand in their daily worksheet at the end of their shift.

(Failure to hand in the worksheets three times will result in immediate dismissal.)

Prepares for, attends and actively participates in sales meetings.

Continues to improve sales techniques through reading sales books, training, listening to audiotapes, etc.

Maintains complete knowledge of club history, philosophy, facilities and policies.

Maintains thorough knowledge of competitors’ facilities, pricing, special offers including sales styles.

Assists in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of equipment and club facilities and maintains cleanliness and organization of membership offices.

Informs the control desk of their whereabouts while on duty within the club.

Informs the control desk when they are on duty and when they are leaving the club.

Be ready for tours and presentations at all time

Physical appearance must be up to standards

Office must be in order

Will take breaks singularly.

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