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X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter IV, JOBligation, page 32

Will meet with the membership director prior to beginning their shift to review the previous day’s worksheet, appointment log and guest control log.

Will meet with the membership director weekly to review the guest control log and have their file boxes and scan card workbooks inspected.

Will schedule one hour of outreach on weekdays and to log all contacts and results in the corporate control log

Will interact with other club staff persons in a professional manner.

ORDER OF BUSINESS – Membership Advisor

I.          Arrival at club for work – ON TIME

A.        Let front desk know that you are now available

B.        Check Sales Board to see that your monthly totals are up to date.

II.        Get Scan Card Workbook and a new Daily Worksheet…

A.        Log your appointments in the appointment log

B.        Take all Scan Cards from your file boxes (1-31 and A-Z) and insert in the proper panel in your Scan Card Workbook…

III.       Call and confirm all appointments for that day…

A.        See if they have any friends that they would like to bring.

IV.       Make phone calls…

1.         Thirty contacts are the minimum.

2.         Log all information about the call on your Scan Card.

Once you have contacted the person and need to have further contact, immediately file the Scan Card in the appropriate file box, under either 1-31 or A-Z. 

3.         If you have not contacted the individual, then mark the time and day of your attempt – and circle it!

4.         Remember to log all completed calls on your Daily Worksheet.

V.        Conduct your Outreach…  

1.         Prepare all materials to be used during Outreach at east fifteen minutes prior to scheduled time of departure.

2.         Log all contacts from your Outreach in the Corporate Control Log and on your Daily Worksheet.

VI.       Complete your Daily Worksheet…

1.         Write all Telephone Enquiries on a SALES card, log the call on your Daily Worksheet and File the Scan Card under either the day of the Appointment or on the day that you will be following up on the Prospect.

2.         Confirm all Appointments and record the results on both the Scan Card      and your Daily Worksheet.

3.         Log all guests that you “approve”

4.         Record all transactions

5.         Log all completed promote-a-calls to members

6.         Log all completed follow-up-calls to prospects and the day of the appointment.  If you are unable to schedule an appointment, write the number of the day that you will be following up under NEXT and file the Scan Card in the 1 – 31 file box.

7.         Log all information about the corporations that you have contacted.


VII.    Other responsibilities

You are responsible for immediately notifying the control desk when you are finished with a guest, appointment, and an incoming phone call.  Anytime you leave the Club, for any reason, you must let the control desk staff know your whereabouts and when you expect to return.


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