Posted by: Sales Makers | November 5, 2013

X-Selling at Membership Sales, Chapter IV, JOBligation, page 33


Reports to: General Manager, Owners & Managing Director

Position purpose

A Marketing Director’s Jobligation is to increase revenue and cash flow in both the short and long term.  This is done by meeting consumer needs and desires through planning, directing and controlling the total marketing operation. This includes formulating goals, policies and strategies for the club’s:

1) Product offering

2) Promotional mix

3) Price

Duties and responsibilities

                                                A Membership Director…

Stimulates, create demand and builds awareness for the club’s services through advertising, publicity, community involvement, events and other promotional activities to attract the attention and create interest among consumers.

Recruits, trains, directs and controls the sales activities and employment needs of the Member Services Department.

Reviews, modifies, improves and develops the total membership sales process.

Monitors, analyzes and controls sales activity and information.

Makes sales forecasts that are reasonably accurate.

Reviews and evaluates the price structure of club services.

Establish and maintain the price level that will maximize revenue and cash flow.

Gathers, records and analyzes information on the marketing of the club’s services for the purpose of improving the marketing program.  Analyzes and controls the performance of the overall marketing program.

Coordinates internal marketing activities and programs with the corporate marketing activities.

Performs various other duties and assignments as necessary or required.








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