Posted by: Sales Makers | April 18, 2014

UK Fitness Convention on the 10th of June and a bit more…

I’ll be updating some interesting news next week about my upcoming presentation at Wyboston Lakes with the UK FC (Fitness Convention) with BodyLife…as the media partner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mark the 10th of June in your diary NOW and you might even want to get in the night before and join a bunch of us old-timers for dinner and drinks the way we used to do it – back in the day! Actually, I guess if we’re still doing it now – then these are still the good ole days!

In addition to the outstanding British Presenters already booked – Pete Cohen, David Minton, etc – I’ll be joined by an old (young) American friend Rudy Fabiano (of Fabiano Designs) – one of the world’s foremost Club designers in his first UK presentation.

I’m also presenting next month in Poznan, Poland at Fit Expo, sponsored by my friends at Octane Fitness distributors = Fitcast on the 22nd of May.

Both of these presentations are brand new – X-Selling at Membership Sales (also surprisingly the title of my new book.)                                                               A look back over 35 years in the industry – with a bit of a history lesson and some outstanding tips on how you can Excel at selling memberships yourself!

A very quick update on Sales Makers travels so far this year…Italy, Lithuania, Finland (too many times to count), Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Mexico…One new club so far – three going into pre-sale in the next two months and at least four more this year! Pretty much fully booked until August. Looking forward to Amsterdam in October (for reasons to be announced soon).

A NEW Sales Makers initiative called SYMPOSIUM being launched VERY SOON!

SO, I’m trying to NOT act my age (not that I ever did!)


Happy Easter all…

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