Posted by: Sales Makers | June 6, 2014

WHAT ARE? Sales Makers Symposiums?

I’m formally announcing the introduction of the Sales Makers Symposiums.

This is a unique way for Owners responsible for Sales & Marketing, Sales Managers, Marketing Directors; to network and learn from their peers. These are one day events that are linked to Industry events so not to interfere with your busy work schedule and allow for attendance at both the Conventions and the Symposiums. The events are strictly limited to twelve participants.

This is NOT a Sales Makers Seminar – I am merely the Facilitator and Organizer.

What is a Symposium?

The official definition:                                *Symposium|sɪmˈpəʊzɪəm|                            Noun (pl. symposia |-zɪə| or symposiums)

1 A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.

  • A collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of contributors.

2 A drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet…                                                                 (and notable as the title of a work by Plato).

ORIGIN late 16th cent.                                                                                                                                                                                                       (Denoting a drinking party): via Latin from Greek sumposion, from sumpotēs ‘fellow drinker’, from sun- ‘together’ + potēs ‘drinker’.


What is a Sales Makers Symposium?

1          A group of twelve Owners/Sales & Marketing Managers/Directors meeting to discuss ‘Making Sales ‘.

• With a collection of essays or papers on a particular sales or marketing subject, written by the attendees.

2          The night before the Symposium the group will engage in a meal,

• Followed by convivial discussion while enjoying liquid refreshment.


What exactly is the format of a Sales Makers Symposium?

Each of the Attendees will be given a list of six questions regarding Sales & Marketing of memberships.

A.        Each attendee will provide a written summary in response to the questions.         (ALL summaries will be distributed to each attendee.)

B.         Each attendee will give a five-minute oral presentation supporting the summary to the group.

C.         At the end of the presentations there will be a group discussion on the merits of the presentations.


When and where will these Symposiums take place?

The UK Symposium will be on the last day of Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham, England.                   Thursday – October 2, 2014

The EU Symposium will be on the last day of IHRSA in Rotterdam, Netherlands.                                                   Sunday – October 19, 2014


What is the cost to participate in the Symposiums?

The price is £400 for the UK Symposium and €500 for each of the EUropean Symposiums.

This is for one attendee who can participate in the discussions.

Additionally, there is only one participant from any one Club able to attend.

However; a Spectator* can attend for a fee of £150/€200.

*Note: the Spectator cannot participate in the discussions – nor the presentations – but can only observe and mingle during the Social events.)

This includes all materials, dinner and drinks the night before and a continental Breakfast, Coffee/Tea Breaks during the day and Lunch.


How do I register to participate?

Simply contact me at the contact details below to let me know that you’re interested.

All registrations are on a first come – first served basis.

Depending on the type of Club that you represent the possibility exists that another Symposium may be more suitable than the one you request.

You will be made aware of the names of all attendees as they book.

I will allow an earlier participant to object and possibly deny participation to a competitor should the competitor wish to book later.

                                                           In other words – you won’t be sitting down with your competition.

A deposit of £100/€100 is required to reserve your registration.

Payment in full is required thirty days in Advance of each event.

In case the Symposium you request is full – you can get on a wait list and will be notified                                                                                      thirty days in advance of the event if there is availability.

The deposit is non-refundable; unless another Club takes the registration.

Additional Sales Makers Symposiums are currently being planned for:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Healthy Business, Sweden – 29 November, 2014 and ME Roadshow, Kuwait – 19 December, 2014

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