Posted by: Sales Makers | July 12, 2017

PRE-Preface of of X-Selling at Membership Sales – Page 1

No, I’m not stuttering.

I started writing this book over twenty years ago.

This is the Preface for the Preface – get it?

Obviously, at this stage it’s not done yet.

However; if you’re reading this – maybe it is!

Maybe though, this is going to become a work in progress!

Since I’ve been in the Fitness Industry, much has changed.

Nautilus had only four different stations and was THE main equipment company.

Many of the other current contemporary equipment companies didn’t exist and due to mergers and outright failures quite a few of the names used in X-Selling no longer exist.

During the editing process I’ll attempt to update and revise those names and I’ll also try to add some of these companies to the Glossary.

Speaking of the hardware side of things – when I started; computers hadn’t been invented, the software we originally used was MD-DOS, Steve Jobs wasn’t even in the garage yet taking his first bite of Apple, the Internet didn’t exist, Marc Zuckerburg hadn’t been born…

Things were different is an understatement. 

So, it turns out that my original intent to write a book of:

How to ‘excel at selling memberships’ is almost a his story book.

I guess that’s OK and I hope you’ll still learn something about selling, but; I’m now going to revise, repair, update and add some contemporary methods of selling as an addendum to the original missive and to continue updating this in a ‘Secret’ Blog.

This will be available only to subscribers and owners of this book, ebook, podcast series, blog, VLOG; however the hell it turns out – maybe ALL of the above.

So, where in time are we now?

It’s the 11th of July, 2017.

Technically, I’m semi-retired for over a year now.

I’m participating in the altMBA Programme organised by Seth Godin (my first day).

This is a month long, internet-based, collaborative educational programme and the first project was to define goals.

I’ve defined my business goal (read – hobby, since I’m semi-retired from the Industry) as Improving the scheduled for the 14th of December, 2017.

One of my Personal Goals is to write one page a day – this is one page, of many to come.

BTW Semi-Retired means that I am no longer Presenting at Conferences or events, I’m no longer looking for new Clients, I’m trying to enjoy my life in the present. 

But, I am maintaining a relationship with all of the Clients that supported me over the years – if they want my assistance.

However; IF someone were to offer me an interesting new concept or project I suspect that I’ll be contributing in some manner – maybe not physically visiting sites three days a month – but, using the Internet or some other means of collaborating and sharing my knowledge and experience.

Now, the plan is;

I’m publishing this TODAY on my Sales Makers International Blog.

Tomorrow I’m going to write another page.

I’m going to write One page a day for the next ??????

See, this gives me an out – I can stop whenever I want.

Very soon, I’m going to create a New Blog exclusively for the next section of the book – The X-endum.        Get it – um, the end of the book, the Addendum; using my X to brand it.

This will not have the original 160 pages that I’ve already written.

X-sell Ant tip:

Although, if you look back in my Sales Makers International blog

You’ll find the first 35 pages that I released years ago to celebrate my 35 years in the Industry.

Thanks for listening


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