Posted by: Sales Makers | July 13, 2017

Addendum to X-Selling at Membership Sales Page 2

Unknown.jpeg Michael Scott Scudder

Before I begin this I’d like to dedicate this portion of my book to an old friend who passed away last week – Michael Scott Scudder.

Over the decades that I’ve been involved in the Industry – he’d been there.

We met in 1981 when he was living and working in New York and when he left the first Club, we helped him get his next role at a Client’s club Upstate…

He then went on to own his own Club and we remained in touch over the years, saw each other at countless conventions where we normally found time to close a few bars or have an early breakfast.

I brought him over to Europe for a few speaking gigs and used him as my first Virtual Presenter for the first Virtual Road Show in December of 2016.

You can listen to his last ever Presentation on the Virtual Road Show with my compliments:   Go to:       Register with the code: MSS

Michael was my ‘go to’ guy for change and what’s going on (especially after I moved to Europe and lost some of my local knowledge of the US market.)

So, it seems appropriate that I remember him as I discuss the changes in the Industry over the years, since I’ve been writing X-Selling at Membership Sales.

He’s left a void that will not be filled in my lifetime.

But I will keep on keeping on as best I can in my role in this crazy Industry we all know and love and disrupt where I can, in his memory.

So, let’s start at my beginning in 1979…shall we?

The Industry in the 70’s had been dominated by the gyms – Jack La Lane, European Health Spas, Vic Tanney’s, Spa Lady and basically gyms that only had very basic equipment – Universal, Polaris, free weights, the machine that ‘shook the fat off you’, the ‘roller machine’ to roll the fat off, jump ropes, Monarch ergometers, maybe a stretching system

No treadmills – they were all only in Hospitals for stress tests

No computerised CV equipment – a CV was a resume (Curriculum Vitae)

No Aerobics Studios – aerobics had only just been invented as a word by Dr Kenneth Cooper

No Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons – we had Jackie Sorenson with Jazzercise

No Les Mills (although he was alive and well [still is, I believe] in New Zealand, opening gyms)

No Zumba – Beto was nine years old and just getting his moves down

No PT’s (That was Part-Timers in the employment arena – come to think of it – still means that.)

No computers – let alone computerised check-in, fitness assessments, etc.

We (in America) had an sport that grew from a game of handball – called Racquetball.

Joe Sobek is credited with inventing the sport of racquetball, though not with naming it, in 1950.

It gained popularity in the 1970s reaching 3.1 million players by 1974.

I gained exposure to the game in Florida, where the game of handball was played (not to be confused with the European / Olympic sport).

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