Posted by: Sales Makers | July 22, 2017

Addendum to X-Selling at Membership Sales Page 6

This type of selling: positioning the Clubs as a country club / health club with an Enrolment Fee and monthly dues became the model for Clubs globally and was very successful for years. The Clubs in Europe, which were some of the last to join in (especially in Eastern Europe) were learning about what was going on in the Global market through attending shows like FIBO, IHRSA and quite a few Presenters were giving presentations in these countries to local Associations and Conventions, where the locals could learn.

The growth of the internet and the ability to explore the world while sitting at your desk – started creating a phenomenon of fitness explosion that resulted in the achievement of an Industry drive to achieve 100,000,000 members, by 2010. This has now increased exponentially in the last few years.

But, I get ahead of myself – we’re still in the 90’s.

In the UK and the US – the 90’s were the Golden Years – growth was spectacular and it went from strength to strength – this of course resulted in much more competition. But simultaneously, some interesting things were going on the background. The smaller clubs abandoned the Enrolment fee, they abandoned the 12 month contract, retention started becoming a major problem. Price was becoming an issue and clubs began selling for less, retaining less – which created it’s own vicious circle – you needed to sell more to make the same gross revenues and often the profits declined.    We had gotten spoiled and thought it would never end. The clubs had learned how to sell – however; they hadn’t learned how to programme.

Another momentous event was about to take place in the mid 90s’ – Clubs were entering the stock market.      In the UK, everyone attributes the stock market entry to either Fitness First or Holmes Place.


Here’s a trivia question for you; What club chain was the first to entry the Stock Market in the UK? 

I GUARANTEE 99% of you will get it wrong.            Anybody wanna bet?

And to tease you – I’m not going to give the answer now – you’ll have to read at least three more posts before I reveal the answer and how I know this…

One of the first times I ever saw a TV ad for a Club was before Christmas when Holmes Place in the UK ran a very clever ad on television with a couple in bed fooling and when the camera panned back you saw there was an audience – captioned exercise gives you…     Ostensibly; this was supposed to be promoting a January special, with the ad campaign costing £500,000. I watched and thought about it for a minute and turned to my girlfriend and said; “They’re going on the Stock Market” – the only reason for that ad was that they wanted to get mass market exposure for their IPO. Fitness First was already on the AIM market – Holmes Place was the ‘second’ to go on the FTSE. 

Hm, wonder who was first?

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