Posted by: Sales Makers | August 3, 2017

Addendum to X-Selling at Membership Sales – page 12

We’re still in the nineties.

However; some of the readers have asked me to delve a bit deeper into the beginning.                    So, I’m going to go back to the launch of Sales Makers into INTERNATIONAL (from page 9.)

As a result of the dinner meeting in London – I was hired to create a new concept that ultimately became t.h.e. Gym / Just 4 Kids. Simultaneously, I was hired by a client in Sweden – thus, we earned the International badge.

Things in the UK hadn’t even really started yet. There were a very few ‘proper’ Clubs in the UK. There was Cannons, Barbicon, Pinnacle, Metropolitan, Queens Park (the first Fitness First), Living Well (associated with; but not the same as Tom Fatjo’s chain in the US). They also had this thing called ‘Leisure‘ Clubs that we didn’t have in the US. The YMCA was different to the Y’s in America. Educationally; IRSA had been going on in America for 7 years and Club Industry for 4 years, IDEA was evolving, – while in the UK – there was RecMan, BodyTalk, LIW – but there was no proper Association yet (that evolved from that initial meeting that my client Becky had been involved in at RecMan, with people like Ken Heathcote, David Giampaolo, Stephen Lewis, Patrick Henchoz, Ron Bradney, Harm Tegelaars) when we launched Club Runner the previous year.

Even more so in Sweden and most of Scandinavia. My client was one of the first ‘proper’ clubs in Stockholm and even he was ‘not quite there’.

An example:

I flew into Stockholm, was taken to my hotel to get a few hours sleep (I can’t sleep on planes) and then he collected me to show me his three clubs (all different names and brands). The first Club (the oldest) was nine stories with different things on each floor and one floor was nothing more that 19 sunbeds. The second Club was a small Woman’s only and the third – the newest, was a proper Club with polished wooden floors, white Cybex & Nautilus equipment, treadmills, Aerobics studios, etc. The first thing I noticed was hundreds of shoes on the floor next to Reception (thinking to myself: Why do so many Swedes forget their shoes?) And the Club looked gr8, seriously buzzing with people everywhere (thinking to myself: he should be telling me how he does it – why does he need me?)

So, I asked: “How many Members do you have?” “I don’t know, maybe 10,000”, was the reply. “Can someone run a report on the computer and give me a breakdown of male/female – age, basic demographics?” “NO”, was the reply. “Why not?” I asked, cautiously curious. “We don’t have this data, the people come in, they pick a membership” (They had 36 different options), “they give us their money and they bring the receipt with them and it tells the staff what they can use. They don’t fill in an application so we could collect this information.”

A year later – we did indeed have data on the 10,000 members (and the Chinese menu of memberships had been substantially reduced.)

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