Posted by: Sales Makers | October 19, 2017

RoadShow Replay available @ IHRSA

I’ll be travelling down to London Town on Monday with old friend and fellow American Rudy Fabiano (of Fabiano Designs) – both a couple of Jersey boys.                                      This’ll be my 17th IHRSA EUropean Congress (not many can say they’ve been to them all).                            Just like Ray Gordon (my old Partner – Sales Makers USA) has been to every IHRSA Convention in the US (I missed a couple).

I’ll be allowing every Attendee of the IHRSA Congress the ability to Stream and/or Download the events that happened in Kuwait in December 2016 and the UK event that was in May of 2017.

The 9th Annual Kuwait RoadShow has Alan Leach (current IHRSA Board, Westwood Director in Ireland) speaking about Sales & Marketing, Colin Milner (International Council on Active Aging – Director) speaking on how to get the senior market into your Club or Centre, Dr Paul Bedford (Retention Guru) explaining how to add more length to your members’ membership, Bryan O’Rourke (current IHRSA Board, CEO Integerus and founder of Fitness Industry Technology – Council) sharing his insights about integrating technology into your business and my Virtual Presenter and old friend Michael Scott Scudder (sadly passed away this summer) sharing his own Trends in the Industry.

More than six hours of Presentations; Interviews and Videos from the Sponsors.

The UK RoadShow has Adrian Marks (CEO Enjoy! Marketing) explaining the Buy ology of Digital Marketing, Dr Mark Slavin (Resistance Training Specialist) helping to get better Retention through Training Regimes, Justin Tamsett (Fitness Business Podcast, Active Management CEO) about OnBoarding your New Members, Frank Furness (Author, Speaker) gives a how to use Social Media to Attract and Retain Members and finally our Virtual Presenter – the fantastic Sandy Coffman (Programming for Profit) out of retirement with her only Presentation in five years – exclusively for the

Another six and a half hours of education you can stream, download, view on your own or share with ALL of your staff at your convenience.

Like we say: “Bringing the Industry to You – Virtually!”

At Midnight on the 26th of October until Midnight on the 29th of October you can get ALL of this – FREE!

Compliments of:                                                                                                                               Abs Company,  Ad Lib Training, Al Corniche Club, Augies’ Quest, Be Inspired Film, CORE Health and Fitness, Cybex, Eleiko, Enjoy! Marketing, Fabiano Designs, Fitness Business Podcast, Fitness Network Italia, Fit Pro, Gym 80, ICAA, IHRSA, Jackinabox, Lexus, Life Fitness, Keiser, Mossa, Ojmar, Pulse Fitness,  Sales Makers International, SportsArt, Village Leisure Hotels, Visual Fitness Planner and Z Films Studio.

All you have to do is go directly to                                       (the site is INACTIVE until Midnight on the 26th of October,)

Register / Enter the Code:  VRO-R17 and you can Stream or Download the RoadShows.

A word of warning: these files are large and could take quite a bit of time to download, especially if you’ve got slow Internet speed.                                                                                 The Easiest and Quickest way is to use the Dropbox link.                                                         It’s instantaneous!                                                                                                                                If you have a Dropbox account you can transfer it – Instantly to your Account.                    If you don’t have a Dropbox Account you will need to create one.                                        You will need initially to pay a small monthly fee to Dropbox                                             (Because the files are so large – you then have a month; to Download or Stream them.)

2018 will see four more – Seminar Series in February, May, August and December.

Additionally, we will be launching a weekly Seminar (featuring only One Presenter) on a wide variety of subjects with one purpose only – to help you improve your Business!

SO, I hope to see some of you at IHRSA EUropean Congress in London, England next week, maybe a few more of you at SIBEC in Marbella, Spain in November or maybe you’ll be at the Book Launch of No-one Cries for You – by my old friend Ulf Bengtsson, before the Fitness Festivalen in Stockholm, Sweden and even a few more of you at the Workout Magazine National Fitness Awards in Leicester, UK in December.

After that I’m preparing for a HUGE New Year with some AMAZING surprises for all of you!                                                                                                                                                       My book X-Selling @ Membership Sales, at least four more and the Weakly Virtual Seminar Series…

If I don’t see you – may I be the first to wish you Merry Fitness and a Healthy New Year!

CU somewhere down the Road!


PS   This is me semi-Retired!






  1. Doug, this is just a big thank you for all you did to help me all over the world. I still have one thing to do with you JB you know what I mean👍 I am in Australia this week but got a great idea for your JB project. Once again cheers m8 👋


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