Posted by: Sales Makers | August 6, 2018

Sales Makers International Retirement

On the 19th of September I would have celebrated 39 years in the Industry I love.


As of 8.8.18, I will no longer be travelling the world, meeting great people and trying to share the knowledge that I have accumulated.

I will be available for tele-marketing and and anyone that wants to visit the English countryside are welcome to pick what’s left of my brain droppings.                                (For a large fee of course!)              You can visit me at

Over the course of thirty-nine years…

I’ve taken over 1,000 flights

Worked with hundreds of Clubs

Trained thousands of Sales People

Lectured in front of over 10,000’s of people (literally and virtually)

Created more than one millionaire (I spent all of mine having a great time!)

Been responsible for selling millions of memberships globally – helping millions enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Hopefully; made a difference!

I’m not completely done yet though. (Ya gotta have a hobby!)

I hope to complete my Book X-Selling @ Membership Sales, by October.

I hope to launch 52-weeks of Podcasts (January next year) from the Podfather of Membership Sales, supporting the book. will remain active (for Business purposes only.)

+44 (0)7855 744 222 will accept calls and messages – (again, for Business purposes only.)

I will announce in a few days how you can contact me personally through my new Blog Shit Happens…

If we’ve met, worked together, played together – let me thank you for a Career that I never expected, probably didn’t deserve and certainly loved every minute.                         (I only planned on six months and then discovered working around half-naked, good looking people was not a bad way to make a living.                                                                 AND then, you started paying my way around the world.)

To succeed in life and work you need only one thing PASSION and I hope that I taught that to all of the people that I’ve encountered on this Road Show.                                      You’ve got to love what you’re doing.

I’ve told most of you when we first met:                                                                                       “I’m not in business to make friends, I’m in business to make money”. “But, when we make money together we’ll become good friends!”                                                                              Thank you for (hopefully) being one of the latter!

Hope to see you again, somewhere down the road…


  1. Looking forward to the next chapters of your book, and I certainly think our encounters are worth a page or two. 😁👍

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  2. Ohh, … and our good friendship. 😁

    Since I have been out of the industry for a while, and thus out of your, mostly 😂positive infuence 😁, a bunch of my braincells have been on a permanent vacation. I probably should come over and pay you to kickstart them to life again..

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  3. Friends forever Doug and you have plenty of those wishing you well now and always. Thankyou for the gifts of insight and honesty. The bell has long to toll yet and it shall toll fir us all but not all will leave their mark in the way you already have amd as you say, you are far from done. Strength and serenity my friend. Paul.

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  4. Good Luck Doug. Don’t know if you heard but after 35 I sold CHHRC and retired about 6 months ago. Thanks for your help many years ago…It’s a good thing. Enjoy.

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