Doug Miller

began Sales Makers in 1979 and evolved into Sales Makers International with the first European clients ‘t.h.e. Gym / Just 4 kids’ and ‘Sports Club Stockholm’ in 1989.
Relocating to the UK in 1995 completed the International metamorphosis.
Sales Makers has been acknowledged by IHRSA as one of twenty companies that has stimulated the growth of the Fitness Industry globally with our sales style of “Aggressive Hospitality“.
Further acknowledging the International emphasis was the appointment by IHRSA in 2006 as Scandinavian Ambassador and appointment to the European Council in 2008.
Doug was been appointed FIBO Scandinavian Ambassador in 2011.

The core business of Sales Makers is increasing the profitability of Clubs (Dining, Fitness & Golf) by increasing and retaining more members – thus the byline, “Membership Specialists“.


Doug Miller
Sales Makers International
Mill House, Water Run
Hitcham, Suffolk IP7 7LN
+44 (0)1449 744 222 O
+44 (0)7855 744 222 M
+44 (0)1449 740 315 F

salesmakers = Skype, Twitter, Linked In & Facebook

IHRSA Associate of the Year – 2001

IHRSA European Council Member – 2008 > current


  1. Hi Doug,
    Loved your session on IHRSA’s convention. It was inspiring. You told us we could get your presentation material. I already found the story about Nobody, Anybody en Somebody on the internet. You also used an Mission Statement witch you helped creating. Is it possible in any way to get this?
    Nico – Adesso – Belgium


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